Nasuni T-Event 06NOV19 Mall Of Scandinavia

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Data Resilience AB, an IT infrastructure Solutions Provider and Consultancy Business, is tirelessly working together with our customers to find better, more efficient and more robust IT solutions underpinning contemporary critical businesses, large and small. We base our solutions exclusively on the Scale HC3 virtualisation platform, a leading solution, by physical resource efficiency and technical excellence. We are very pleased to announce expansion of our portfolio with the Nasuni Filer software that will allow customers to create geographically dispersed capacity-wise unlimited HC3 clusters with fast local access to files while at the same time allow for users across the globe to always work with the latest version of a specific file. The Nasuni Filer helps us do this in an encrypted and safe manner. The combination of Scale HC3 and the Nasuni Filer Software is a match made in heaven, tailored for large distributed enterprises that no longer need specialists in remote locations, still offering highly available, low latency and robust services locally at the remotely located part of the business, often referred to as the edge.