Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Performance.

When it comes to Logical Data Protection, no matter what you chose to do, it will cost you money: in fact even doing nothing has a price. By deploying our platform, using the unique combination of hardware, software and services we provide, unprecedented application availability is achieved, in the most cost-effective way.

Board Members

Company Philosophy

•  Always do business with integrity
•  Create long term partnerships, build on trust and confidence: be predictable.
•  Spend time doing what we love to do;
•  Offer the best Data Protection Solution on the planet
•  Create well balanced solutions tailored for each customers specific need and budget.
•  Ask to the void in search for the true customer need.
•  Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Board Members

Gary Guttenberg (left) +46707521680 gg@dataresilience.com

Gary Guttenberg (born in 1970) is an international lawyer, negotiator, and business developer. He has worked at business law firms in both the United States (California) and Sweden (Stockholm) and provides a combination of business and legal services to clients. Gary has helped several European technology companies commercialize offerings throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. For example, closing deals with HP, Boeing, Yahoo, Pfizer, Microsoft, Motorola, Apple, Qualcomm, LG, Huawei, BenQ, HTC, H3G, ZTE, Samsung, Panasonic, BMW, Ericsson, Philips, Alcatel, NokiaSiemens Networks, Sony Ericsson, and Vodafone. He founded the Law Office of Gary Guttenberg AB in 2005.

Klaus Gottwald (center) +46705933286 kg@dataresilience.com

Gottwald is a systems analyst and financial expert. Klaus has  been managing several large IT organizations such as Managing It operations at Phillips in Sweden. Documented and far reaching experience from leading and developing companies resulting is fast paced growth. Since 1995 Klaus have held entrepreneurial roles. President and Parter whilst initiating and developing several IT and consultancy companies reaching high revenue numbers. Specialities include Leadership, financial control and company and business development both from theoretical and practical standpoint. Klaus is active in his own entrepreneurial projects as a private investor, as well as in several boards in smaller companies. Since 2005 active board member and partner in Roslagens and Stockholms Business Angel Networks.

Per-Ola Mård (right) +46707135467 pm@dataresilience.com

Per-Ola Mård’s (born in 1963) principal domain of experience is Data Protection. He has successfully conducted business through consultative selling at all levels and across cultures. He has strong communication skills, is able to think laterally and have great affinity with his customers. Mard has more than 25 years experience in the computer industry in general and enterprise data storage in particular.

Data Resilience AB passed the Scale Technical Training exam. 03AUG11