DS4; The HotRod of Computer Design

What exactly is the DS4 Micro Data Center? Well, one way to think of it is it is the HotRod of computer design. Clean, smooth, powerful. A bit like Boyd Coddingtons unique designs.

The DS4 represents a carefully designed and tailored computer platform. It is symmetrical. It is easy to comprehend, therefor less error prone. Each element is carefully selected, assembled and optimized.

Boyd Coddingtons Beautiful Creation

Boyd Coddingtons Beautiful Creation The Boydster

A lot of thought was put into creating the well balanced architecture, high performance, low power consumption, small footprint, unprecedented scalability: the DS4 is elegant by design.

Aside the elegance, the DS4 is designed to be secure, tailored to protect your valuable data resources. The logical protection offered by the architecture is unprecedented. The DS4 represents the latest in computer production architecture, powered by its unique CDP (Continuous Data Protection) software element removing the limitations of contemporary data production environments and protection elements, like snapshots and traditional backup solutions.

The DS4 paves the way to a better way to solve a very old problem.

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