Easy Like Sunday Morning.

I had a really nice installation experience at a customer site this Friday that I’d like to share with you. I found the hands on experience from using Scale in a real life situation to be really positive. I am biased, partial and all that, but the feeling remains; this is easy like Sunday morning, compared to other systems I have come across over the years.

Of course, without careful planning and preparation you are bound to fail regardless of system or architecture, and I did arrive well prepared to the site, leaving nothing to chance. Cables where labeled, blue cables for the public IP network and yellow for the back-plane, the system was staged and checked before shipping it out to the customer etc.

I have never though, at any point in my career, been able to leave a site in just under two hours, having delivered a complete infrastructure installation comprising a complete data center infrastructure including servers, virtualization and storage. Un-boxing, racking up, connecting and powering up the four nodes and the two switches was done in two hours.

And the result? A complete virtual infrastructure, ready to be populated by Virtual Machines and any combination of operating systems, be it Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 8, RedHat Linux 6.2, Ubuntu 12, what ever your flavor,  just drop ’em in. I takes about 15 minutes to have a working Windows server up and running from an ISO.

And, mind you, this first Windows 2008 R2 server was instantly protected by a resilient, redundant infrastructure that is increadibly easy to understand and operate.

Installation of the Scale HC3 as a whole has been a straight forward experience and the result is a very neat and clean installation that can be easily expanded in the future.

The picture below show the 4 node Scale HC3 demo environment after installation.