Are you running a smaller IT environment with a reduced budget?

With Scale HC3 even small and medium-sized IT departments can leverage new techniques the big guys are using and do more with less.

  • Scale offers Google-like efficiency to even the smallest data centres.
  • The solution, based on commodity hardware and software intelligence, steals some of the “hot” new tactics in simplifying ‘big datacenter’ infrastructure and applies these tactics to smaller environments.
  • Scale uniquely reduce software licensing costs without compromising performance and capacity.

What’s not to like in discovering new virtualization alternatives for doing big things on a small budget?

Go with Scale HC3 and start saving today!

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Scale HC3 represents the cutting edge of infrastructure innovation: A highly available platform with the scalability of the cloud and the security of your own servers, coupled with a radical reduction in both upfront costs and TCO. No more VMware. No more SAN. No more headaches.

Watch a Video showing Scale HC3 here.