Your Applications. Always there.

Scale HC3 was designed and built for mid sized companies. This does not exclude large companies as beneficiaries of the technology as they would also save money from the ease of use and simplicity offered by the Scale solution. Only more so.

The argument is that small and mid sized companies can not afford the cost of managing the infrastructure complexity in traditional SAN based virtualised infrastructures. This is true. And it is true for a company any size, only more true for the mid size company. For the medium sized company it is notoriously difficult for the often thin-spread single resource to stay on top of everything from operating systems, hypervisors, clusters and SAN components. It is impossible for one individual to be an expert in all these separate fields, and this poses a real risk to the mid size company.

Scale offers an nice alternative, simple & elegant scalable and ready to use building blocks that is incredibly easy to deploy. Scale HC3 offers virtually all the features big companies expect and use every day, but it comes with less complexity and as a result offers a solution with significantly lower cost to manage.

Scale HC3 offers the shortest way possible from concept to a fully functional production platform underpinning your applications. And that is what it is all about. Your applications, always there, always online.