Aflow day 1

Today is infrastructure day. Physical configuration of the test bench.
esx installed in payload node 01.

Lessons learned:
– installing esx across raritan posed a callenge: how do I submit F11 to accept the vmware licence agreement from the MacBook? Solution
– go to system preferences in osx
– select keyboard
– click “Use all F1, F2, etc. Keys as standard function keys”
– click shortcuts, select expose & spaces, uncheck “desktop” to make F11 work in the raritan remote console window.

Data Resilience announces Value Added Reseller agreement with Scale.

Stockholm 11th April 2011, Today Data Resilience AB, announces a Value Added Reseller agreement with Scale Computing. “We are very happy about the opportunity to bring the Scale Storage Clusters to this market”, said Per-Ola Mård Founder of Data Resilience AB, he continues: “Using this 3rd generation unified storage platform in combination with our CDP software solution from InMage our clients will increase profitability by reducing both risk and cost and dramatically increase its service levels. Traditional 24 hour RPO’s are history from now on.” Bjarne Poulsen, General Manager EMEA said: “I am very excited about this opportunity to bring our product and its unique offering to many Scandinavian and Baltic businesses going forward”

The DS4 Mobile Micro Data Center

Data Resilience offers a flexible and resilient production platform: The DS4. The Mobile Pre-configured Micro Data Center or “Test Bench” offers a minimum start up time allowing users to focus on the actual testing and avoid wasting time on setting up the environment.

Scale storage being installed the DS4 mobile cabinet

Unlike typical remotely located Cloud Based solutions, using the DS4, the staff has physical access to the device during testing: allowing for swift changes in setup and physical reconfiguration when needed. This has proven a crucial time saver and usability factor especially during initial testing. Due to the flexibility of the virtualized environment further and subsequent tests can easily be migrated to a more permanent environment going forward, powered by an ISP or “The Cloud”.

The DS4 is competitively priced hence an affordable platform underpinned by SuperMicro hardware and Scale Storage. The Software or Applications to be tested or used are run either natively (win/linux) on the hardware or as virtual machines in either VmWare ESXi 4.1u1, Xen 5.6 or even better KVM.